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Products , introduced to Croatian market , are being chosen by the clear criterions: the best value for the money. The first filter that the products have to go through is high quality and the secod one is a reasonable price. Only these two characteristics' combination can bring the long lasting satisfaction of the final consumers. Consumers know how to appreciate and reward this, with their fidelity and that is the reason for Diba-Charm's stability even in the times of crisis.
Products, represented by Diba-Charm, can be classified in six bigĀ  groups:
  • face, body and hair care
  • men's care
  • children's cosmetic and accessories
  • gift sets
  • fancy goods
  • house and garden

Inside those main groups there are many sub-groups of the world famous brands: Baylis&Harding, Babyliss, Revlon, Disney, Hello Kitty, Umbro, Freeman, Kiss

Fancy goods

Face, body and hair care

Men's care

Children's cosmetic and


Gift sets

House and garden