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DIBA-CHARM company was founded in 1989 and  is placed  inside a  very narrow circle of Croatian leading companies in the field today.
The name Charm represents the very core of the business vision, which DIBA-CHARM follows from the  beginning very successfully. That is why the partners know that DIBA-CHARM is doing business, not only reliably, but also with a lot of business charm.
The company's main activity is import of cosmetic and fancy goods as well as representation and distribution of  european and world wide manufacturers' ranges, many of them being established on the Croatian market thanks to DIBA-CHARM.
The first big investment on the Croatian market was opening of the House of Health and Beauty in the elit part of Zagreb, with the parfum shop, drug-store and pharmacy shop inside.
Today, the company owns the chain of pharmacy shops named CHARM.


VMost of the staff is highly educated and very experienced, since the company is employing only top-level personal.
The company is owned 100% by Mr. Ivica Bašić and is mostly doing business by its own  capital.
The company is totally independent, very highly rated among its partners and is also known by its openness towards new ideas and trends.
In order to keep its leading position on the market as well as in the following of the new cosmetic and fancy trends, the whole team of DIBA-CHARM's scouts and news hunters is visiting the biggest world trade fairs searching for the high qualitiy products. The results, achieved this way, by constantly introducing new products to Croatian market, are showing us that we have a lot of reason to be proud of.